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 Business Design Agency

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We facilitate Customer Experience Digital Transformation UX-design for human, business & service needs. 
We match strategical it-business thinking with creativity and technology, to drive sustainable change and growth across businesses, industries, and societies. Our vision is to make a human-centered world, where everything is designed around real human, business & service needs. For Experience Economy we must connect B2B sellers + B2C buyers via IoT, WebShops & Mobile CRM/SCM system & apps. People use their  mobile devices daily to get Customer Service experience from you! So we help you design Digital Services!


Bjarne Jensen

Design Agency
Founder & CEO

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Service, Business + UX Thinking
My vision is to create humanity center world, where everything is designed for human, business and IoT service needs. So I offer Strategical eBusiness Thinking with LEAN UX-creativity to drive sustainable growth economies, IoT-change and transformation across businesses, our societies and industries as eco-systems...

Author of Business Design sites
for Agile, LEAN and UX-teaching:



Thorsten Kreissig

Design Thinking
TEAM Facilitator

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Thorsten Kreissig (TeeKay) 
For many years I have been providing help, guidance and expertise for companies and individuals. I train and improve the communicative and creative abilities of scientists, business people, teachers and students in all levels of the EU educational systems - as well as artists in also many countries abroad.

I support team building and change management with a wide range of design tools...

kreissig.net  - Personal/Agency:

Blog: teekayworld.wordpress.com 




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