Circular Economy Barcamp

The Circular Economy concept has gained wide traction among decision-makers as well as the general public over the past few years and a lot of initiatives and projects are looking into making a Circular Economy a reality.


The Circular Economy Barcamp Berlin provides a space for all stakeholders to come together and present and discuss their projects, ideas or simply engage with likeminded people!

Barcamps are so called unconferences or ad-hoc conferences. Instead of sitting back and listening, barcamps are all about engagement and interactivity and provide flexible space for discussion of spontaneously proposed topics.


During the Circular Economy Barcamp Berlin every conference participant will have 30sec during the initial welcome session to present a topic that he or she would like to discuss.


Afterwards, the audience will vote on the proposed topic. If sufficient interest is available, a time-slot and room will be allocated for the open group discussion. As such, we will build the program on the spot and tailor it as best as possible to your interest!

We tested the barcamp format during last year’s Life Cycle Innovation Conference and had a lot of positive feedback! That’s why we decided to use the format to provide a space for an open discussion on all things Circular Economy!

Get your ticket now and join us for a truly interactive discussion on how to best implement a Circular Economy!

I have a strong focus on digital and mobile user experience design and B2B/B2C webshop concept development.


My main areas of digital expertise is also:


  • Concept development, Web/App

  • Mobile User Experience App(s)

  • Web Experience Design, CX

  • Interaction design, UX-UI

  • Agile Project management

  • Service Design processes

  • Advisory and Consultancy

  • Agile UX Research and Analysis

  • Design and facilitation of workshops

  • Design Thinking Sprints, LEAN UX/CX

  • Conduct User Studies, CX-UX Research