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We help design Digital Services for human, business & service needs
We match strategical business thinking with creativity and technology, to drive sustainable change and growth across businesses, industries, and societies. Our vision is to make a human-centered world, where everything is designed around real human, business & service needs.

Realtime Sales, Marketing & Service Apps for The Experience Economy
For the Experience Economy we must connect sellers + buyers via B2B/B2C WebShops, IoT, Mobile CRM/SCM setup of system & apps. People use their 
mobile device daily to get Customer Service experiences from you! So we UX-design data-integrated B2C, B2B, B2G organizations via IoT-platforms.

Cloud IoT eBusiness CRM/SCM eco-system UX/CX Challenge

PROBLEM: Supply Chains & eLogistics

SOLUTION: Service Design Thinking

IDEATE: eBusiness Analysis & Design 

PROTOTYPE: Agile LEAN UX Modelling

Agile Double Diamond, LEAN UX/IoT Service Design project focus!

Agile + LEAN UX/CX Project Management, Analysis & Service Design Thinking 

We consolidate Big Data & workflows... We do this by involving and analyzing several it-users, what systems they use and how their it-systems can be improved for either automation or semi-automation. By LEAN UX-CX collaboration we can improve almost ANY it-systems inside ANY organization, optimizing Big Data, processes & systems towards both B2C end-customers and B2B end-user! This is eBusiness Organizational Agile Transformation & LEAN UX development.

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